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Residential & Commercial Property Conveyancing

Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne offers a budget low cost Conveyancing Service – be it for land subdivision, title transfer of property, buying a house or change title of a house. A no frills, basic service. This service is suited towards a price conscious consumer who doesn’t need to be hand led through a property transaction. Best for people who just want the basics at a dirt cheap price.  


Victoria 3030

For basic service our professional fees' $440 (start at).

Some disbursements may not be included, depending on the transaction. Full details in instant quote.

Main Office Ph: 03 9603 0330 business hours

Quotes Only After Business Hours 0416 726 107

Email -


What you get included:

This includes as required:

  • Preparation of one transfer of land.
  • Preparation of a form 62.
  • Preparation of Statement of adjustments.
  • Letters of instructions to you.
  • Email Correspondence to your lender and or broker.
  • Preparation for settlement.
  • Notice of acquisition.

What you don’t get

Not included.

  • Searches and disbursements.
  • Additional work, IF requested by you, lender or broker. If applicable, charged on a time basis schedule. Eg Lease preparation, PPR, Caveat production etc

NOTE – To confirm the above information you need to send us an email via ‘Instant Quote’ of which will confirm are current quote and pricing. The above is an indication only.


What you get included:

List of Included items in quote (or inclusions).

  • Initial Letters of instructions to you.
  • Preparation of Section 32 Statement.
  • Preparation of Contract of sale.
  • Once SOLD
  • Preparation of a Goods Declaration.
  • Preparation of a Statement of adjustments.
  • Email Correspondence to your lender.
  • Discharge Authority with Lender (if applicable).
  • Preparation of settlement instructions for our settlement agents.
  • Cheque directions to Purchaser.
  • Notifications to all parties that settlement has occurred.
  • Final letters and disposition notices.
  • Free settlement agents (fees) if the settlement occurs at our settlement agents office.

What you don’t get:

Not included.

  • Searches and disbursements.
  • Lender charges if applicable.
  • Government Charges if applicable.
  • Additional work, IF requested by you or required to complete your section 32, contract of sale & or to effect settlement or as required, le.  If applicable, charged on a time basis schedule at fifteen minute blocks. Eg Withdrawal of caveat, or a request by you or a lender involved to do some other work not listed in the inclusions.   Therefore, all additional work is charged on a time basis and would be added to your account, if incurred.  Eg. 15 minutes’ additional work would equate to $87.49 plus gst, but again, only if outside the listed inclusions.

NOTE – To confirm the above information you need to send us an email via ‘Instant Quote’ of which will confirm are current quote and pricing. The above is an indication only.

Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne will give you written confirmation of the quotation, exactly what is included and what is not and invite you to sign and return such acknowledgement. Nothing is hidden, if extra work needed to be done, we supply a list of what it will cost at the start, so you will be aware of additional costs if incurred. Therefore keep it simple, keep it cheap. We want to be up front that, quotes can change as situations/transactions change from start to finish, so please don't believe that you will not pay anymore to change your instructions to us as you may well incur additional costs as our professional fees start at $440.  




There is a lot of work involved in house purchase, house selling or any title work for residential property. Hiring a solicitor, dealing with the terms and conditions of the solicitor and not knowing whether your conveyancing fees are going to be reasonable or more than what you expected.

With Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne, we do away with the suspense & confusion. All our house, land & residential property conveyancing quotes are instant. And we offer clearly written fee documents that need to be signed by the clients before we start our service.

Get rid of your conveyancing worries and let our house, land & residential property conveyancing experts help you get your work done smooth and fast.

Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne keeps the cost down. But how?

  • By not spending half the day on the phone.
  • Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne has no office for the general public to attend.
  • Conveyancing Victoria doesn’t spend big on advertising.
  • We don’t pay commissions to agents for referrals.

Other services are available at additional cost along with searches and disbursements which are not included.

  • Legal advice
  • One hour turn around on enquiry
  • Direct telephone contact

Other Services available

  • Transfer of title – one name to another eg. Husband & wife, defacto etc
  • Plans of Subdivision
  • Title Insurance
  • Caveat lodgement
  • Covenant removal