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Conveyancing Services For Selling Your Property

Victoria Wide Conveyancing Only


We specialise in all property conveyancing. With transparent fee structures and dedicated property conveyancing specialists (without involving middlemen) working for you.

Selling Real Estate - House; Vacant Land; Unit; Commercial Building & Car parks/Storage

When you sell a property 'The Sale of Land Act' requires the seller to provide what is known as a Section 32 Vendor’s Statement. Often called a Section32' by the agents.

Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne do this quite fast and the average turn around time is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of all the information we need in order to complete this document.

Because its important that we get the information correct, we provide a checklist to our clients that is as easy as ticking a box to answer.

Certificates May be needed in order to complete your Section 32

We will ask you for copies of the documentation that we will need, if applicable, to complete your Contract & Section 32. We can order, at your cost anything that you don't have, so don't worry too much it, at this point in time.

Construction and Building Permits (if applicable)

Anything done with a buidling permit in the last 7 years has to go in the contract. So if any building permits or notices of any type have been issued about the property you are selling, we will need a copy of them. We shall advise in our checklist to you.

Owners Corporation (used to be called Body Corporate)

When selling a unit or even a house or vacant land, sometimes the property & or the estate its in, has an owners corporation applicable to it. If, this is the case with your property, we will need to get an owners corporation certificate to complete your section 32.

Notices from any person, government or public authority

ANY Notices received from any Government or Public Authority that could in any way affect a persons decision to buy the property must be advised of. We will advise about this in our checklist.


If the property has been tenanted or leased in any form or fashion you will need to advise us.


If you are selling a commercial property, Goods and Service Tax (GST) might apply.

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